Bank First

Bank First is a leading mutual bank in Australia, committed to providing exceptional financial services and support to its members.

The Background

With a history spanning over 45 years, Bank First has built a reputation for trust, integrity, and customer-centricity. As a member-owned institution, it prioritises the needs and interests of its customers above all else, offering a wide range of banking products and services tailored to meet their unique requirements.


The Challenge

Recognising its members’ evolving expectations, Bank First and NOW Digital embarked on a strategic revamp of the customer experience provided to members. As part of our long partnership with Bank First and the continuous improvement program, we uncovered that despite its strong reputation and dedication to customer service, it faced difficulties with its existing website. While functional, it was built on a traditional monolithic architecture, which limited flexibility, scalability, and the ability to deliver dynamic content efficiently.


The Solution

Our deep understanding of member needs and market trends underpinned the solution, ensuring that the redesigned website would meet and exceed customer expectations. Bank First’s website overhaul takes a deeper understanding of the customer experience and utilises a headless architecture approach to deliver greater flexibility and content that can be used more efficiently across key digital channels while maintaining a consistent customer experience.


Streamlined customer experiences

Simplifying interaction ensures members navigate the website effortlessly and quickly find what they need. With intuitive navigation, clear information architecture, and seamless transitions, Bank First ensures simplicity and convenience for members and their website goals.


Enhanced flexibility and headless architecture

The headless architecture has given Bank First the flexibility to adapt and evolve its digital experiences rapidly. Content updates and feature enhancements can be deployed independently without disrupting the customer experience.


Scalability and Future-Readiness

Bank First positioned itself for future growth and innovation by adopting a headless approach on Contentful. The decoupled architecture provided the scalability and flexibility needed to adapt to changing market trends, emerging technologies, and evolving customer expectations.

The redevelopment of Bank First’s website using a headless architecture represented a significant milestone in the bank’s digital transformation journey. By embracing modern technologies and methodologies, Bank First enhanced its online presence and delivers members superior digital experiences.


Bank First
Bank First
Bank First

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