As a leading specialist fibre and network solutions provider, Vocus (ASX:VOC) connects people, businesses, governments, and communities across Australia and New Zealand, to the world.

The Background 

Through well-known retail brands Dodo, iPrimus and Commander, Vocus delivers simple and affordable broadband, mobile and energy services to Australia and New Zealand consumers. Vocus knows the importance in delivering a brilliant yet simple experience when connecting people, businesses, governments, and communities to the world.

The organisation wanted to reimagine the purpose of the Vocus.com.au website to increase interest (lead generation), utilisation of services (conversion), and relevance for new and existing customers.


The Challenge

The time for change is now. We are in unprecedented times where you are encouraged to “compare and save” or “switch and save” and the importance of been ‘simple and easy’ to deal with has never been greater.

Vocus understands this and identified the redevelopment of their website as key to supporting customers in their journey of gathering information, understanding what products are relevant to their business and deciding to trust Vocus to provide these services.


The Solution

Vocus and NOW Digital took extensive action to look at the content and structure of the website to really understand the messaging that was being delivered. Utilising extensive research that was conducted to understand the core needs of customers, we developed a design system, visual assets, and detailed requirements


Clear, concise, and relevant customer experience

We prioritised the information that influenced the customers perception of Vocus to support the trust-building process and optimised genuine content – proving that Vocus could solve problems like what you were experiencing.

Detailed one-on-one customer interviews at multiple stages of the project, ensured that what we were designing would continue to enhance the customer experience as we added new supporting functionality.


Designing a customer-focused digital transformation

Working closely with Vocus stakeholders across the entire organisation to deliver impactful, high-quality design assets, supporting by detailed requirements – empowering Vocus’ internal to continue executing their digital transformation.


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