AEMO Services

Australia’s energy needs are changing rapidly due to climate change and new technologies offering cleaner and cheaper energy sources. AEMO Services provides independent expertise to help governments transform Australia’s energy sector.

The Background

With a task of delivering sustainable energy opportunities and a commitment to reliability and affordability, AEMO Services strives to be a trusted partner that provides accurate and reliable information to key stakeholders.

The role AEMO Services play in the NSW electricity infrastructure roadmap – co-ordinating investment in new energy to enable the NSW energy transition – means the website, including the online tender registration process, is crucial in accelerating investment opportunities and projects.


The Challenge

Australia’s energy transition has governments incentivising private investment in a completely new wave of infrastructure at an unprecedented scale and speed. Tasked with guiding the long-term investment in renewables under the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap, AEMO Services recognised the critical importance of an intuitive online experience.


The Solution

NOW Digital, as the technology implementation partner,  ‘translated the design into the digital world’ and delivered the technical build, feature set, and functionality on Sitecore DXP to augment the design direction.

As the vital digital channel, the website and the online experience had to be uncomplicated, whilst also providing the ‘self-service’ tools (content and functionality) required for a seamless tender registration process.

The goal from concept to delivery remained constant, provide a user-centric and highly functional website.

AEMO Services
AEMO Services
AEMO Services

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