ARB International

Founded in 1975, ARB was inspired by a 4WD trip through the top end of Australia. Today, ARB have a vast international presence, with offices and an export network that extends through more than 100 countries around the globe.

The Background

ARB’s philosophy has never wavered from its original course, to provide quality, reliability, and practicality above all else. As part of the strategy designed to deliver a seamless commerce experience, the focus is on blending the physical and digital world to create unique interactive experiences.

From the outset, ARB has remained steadfast in its commitment to delivering quality, reliability, and practicality above all else. As we strive to provide a seamless commerce experience, we recognise the importance of integrating the physical and digital realms to create truly immersive and engaging interactions.  Blending these two worlds, ARB aims to offer customers a unique commerce experience.


The Challenge

Customers want choice and want to be taken on a journey. There are ever-increasing pressures to be where customers expect you, with the right information and the right time – and technology and data are playing its part.

ARB understands there is a gap in customer knowledge with what products and accessories are available for their vehicle. The Selector tools are designed to be an educational tool to assist customers with their purchase.


The Solution

ARB and NOW Digital created an online tool – Rack selector – designed to enhance the customer journey of selecting products personalised to the customer. The strategy is to develop an engaging and personalised tool, to ‘showcase’ associated products and accessories – simplifying the customer buying process.

The selector tools have added high-value features that allow customers to self-service product information, display cross-selling opportunities, add products to their cart and check-out quicker and easier.  Other selector tools planned include ARB storage selector, ARB canopy selector and ARB suspension selector.


Convert sales opportunities through education and personalised choice


Self-service and education are vital in conversion-related activities and with a clear understanding of the decisions required in the buying journey, we can provide personalised and relevant ‘next’ steps to support the purchase of products.  The selector tools will look to increase the average cart size per customer, per transaction and have them shopping more often.


Reduce pressure on internal customer support staff


The tool guides customers to products for their vehicle, displaying what accessories and related and allowing them to add essential products and accessories, create exportable and printable wish lists that are taken into their local store.  These features are designed to alleviate the pressure on support transforming customer service from an information to a conversion tool.

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