Coles Liquor

As one of Australia’s leading retailers, Coles is committed to making life easier for customers. They deliver great value on weekly groceries, as well as convenience shopping, fuel, credit cards, phone plans and an extensive nationwide network of wine and liquor stores.

The Background 

With some of the most recognisable liquor brands in Australia and as part of the commitment to right price, right place and right time, Coles needed to deliver highly targeted online experiences for their customers.  The business needed to grow key performance metrics such as transaction value, frequency of purchase and customer top-of-mind awareness.


The Challenge

There has never been a time in retail history where customers have had greater access to brands. Only matched by a customer’s willingness to share every experience with anyone who will listen.

Coles recognised that to differentiate themselves from the competition, a focus on showcasing their individual liquor brands  (Liquorland, Vintage Cellars and First Choice Liquor Market) was key to drive brand advocacy.  Essential to brand advocacy is trust, and integral to trust is ensuring the brand websites were reliable, fast, and always available.


The Solution

Coles and NOW Digital undertook a review and audit of the core shopping experience to understand how customers made purchases.  What part does price, delivery options and product details make in the decision-making process?  How can we simplify the onboarding process?  How can we further promote loyalty and member-only offer?

As an extension to the Coles internal team, we utilised our design system to develop reusable-components and built websites for all three brands under the Coles Liquor umbrella.


Highly optimised customer buying journey focused on conversion

Impactful storytelling with high quality imagery, product details and clear call-to-action for add-to-cart and checkout has proven to be vital in assisting customers through to purchase.


Consistency, reliability and always online

Overcoming limitations, we worked with Coles to centralise the technical delivery of all websites to increase efficiency and reduce management costs.  With the deployment of the new websites, visits have increased (by over 100%), transactions are faster, and website outages have been reduced to zero.



Coles Liquor
Coles Liquor
Coles Liquor

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