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For over three decades, Club Assist has been the leading battery supplier, supporting motoring clubs to deliver service to their members and together with NOW Digital, have delivered a new online battery booking portal.

The Background 

Club Assist is the trusted partner to recommend the right products and technological know-how – the savvy solution to the longstanding problem of roadside assistance calls for battery replacement, and the preferred expert in batteries & service for motoring club partners like NRMA, RACV, and RAA.

Delivering the engine that powers the online battery booking system for some of the largest automotive clubs in Australia, Club Assist wanted to ensure that the demand for greater accuracy, more bookings, more often would continue to be met.


The Challenge

Consumer behaviour changes, technology advancements and agile and ready competition means that organisations are facing increasing pressures to innovate and be better. There is a balance to be achieved when delivering an experience that is seamless and pain-free, when a customer is in a state of inconvenience (battery replacement).

Club Assist know a lot about getting customers moving again, and understand that to truly deliver on customer expectations, you need to know the customer, identify their needs, and ensure you can facilitate their requirements, no matter what they are looking for.


The Solution

Club Assist and NOW Digital went direct to customers and through a series of workshops and interviews, to really understand their mindset when using a booking replacement system.

There were several different scenarios that were identified, that would determine the booking process that would need to be designed. Customers told us that they may have an urgent need (stranded by the side of the road) or looking to schedule a future appointment so were looking for more information.

The goals are simple, yet powerful – streamline, automate and increase customer satisfaction. What was developed on Sitecore DXP was a white-labelled solution, that allows Club Assist to onboard new automotive clubs, and provide them with a branded online battery booking system.


20,000 + visits and 1,000 + bookings and 6 new clubs onboarded in 3 months since release.


Streamline the customer journey to increase conversion

We looked at the entire customer journey, from the state-of-mind of the customer when making a booking, through to the information needed to create a successful battery-replacement appointment to request only the information that was critical to fulfilling an appointment.


Automate processes to increase accuracy and reduce booking errors

We automated processes that were vital to appointment accuracy (customer address and vehicle selection) and utilised integrations to return relevant information to customers to allow them to compare and decide.



Club Assist
Club Assist
Club Assist

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