The Arrival of Personalisation (Time to get moving)


I wanted to talk about Personalisation, well more about the Personalisation I know, which includes the “doing” part.

“Personalisation will be the driving force behind …” and “personalise your users journey to …” and and and; and we all have some understanding and insight into what personalisation can be how it is sold and it is fantastic.

But, what about the “doing” of Personalisation?

How many personalisation presentations have flirted with your “ah ha” moment only for you to find yourself (eventually) lost in the pink magic fairy land being described to you?

Given the rate of advancements in technology, data and analytics, our ability to go beyond what we can imagine has never been better. We are on the cusp of something truly amazing where we are merging the online show, with the offline world, to really create a 360 degree view of our customer’s journey.

Having said all that, questions must be asked, “Are we equipped to take advantage of the opportunities presenting themselves?”

There is clear evidence (backed by data) to support significant increases in revenue, greater efficiency in marketing spend and increased clarity on what is required to position your organisation to “win”, relating to the implementing of solution-focused Personalisation.

So what does the future hold? I don’t mean in some undetermined amount of time in the distant future, I am talking about tomorrow (24 hours from now).

This is actually happening.

1. Digitisation of physical spaces
Using a mix of assistance powered by technology (think AI and virtual assistance) combined with the delicate touch of a real person (armed with insights from advanced analytics).

2. Empathy at scale;
Understanding social cues, being able to adapt to and relate to another persons emotions is the key. With advancements in machine learning, we are building the ability to respond to a person differently, based on the way they are feeling.

Not different people, but the same person differently based on the social cues they are exhibiting.

3. The use of ecosystems to create personalisation end-to-end
With the use of partner networks, the ability to branch out and speak to your customers has never been greater. Creating a network of different business (essentially additional touchpoints) helps you to improve customer service and offer a targeted list of products to the right customers.

How do you take advantage of what is coming? Get Started! It really is the hardest and easiest part. As of right this minute, you have enough data and enough knowledge to create the use cases for the personalisation of tomorrow (24 hours from now).

We are talking about 20 per cent more efficient marketing and 30 per cent uplift in revenue and retention. I don’t think these types of numbers can be ignored any longer.

Can you afford to stand still and wait for everyone else to pass you by?”


Cheers until next time,
Tony Youssef – Lead Experience Strategist

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