VicHealth – Future Healthy

VicHealth is a pioneer in health promotion – the process of enabling people to increase control over and improve their health. VicHealth’s primary focus is promoting good health and preventing chronic disease.

The Background 

Future Healthy is a first-of-its-kind initiative focused on creating a healthier future for Victoria’s young people.  The program will work with thousands of young people in developing a healthier vision of a healthier Victoria – based on their views and experiences.  The vision is for a Victoria where no young person is denied a future that is healthy.


The Challenge  

Be seen.  Be heard.  VicHealth are listening and wanted to deliver a platform for Victoria’s young people aged 18-25, to play a role in helping plan and create healthier local communities. Whether they are new ideas or feedback, it is time for their voice to be heard.

The vision for the Future Healthy website is to have Victorians share their views and experiences on what they think would help the community be better connected, active, enjoy food that is good for you and the planet and feel great.


The Solution

VicHealth and NOW Digital asked the community through surveys and engagement tools what they thought young people needed to get Future Healthy.  As a blended team, we built a website that would be the foundation of what the Future Healthy program would grow into over the next three years.


Highly optimised solution to engage young Victorians.

High-impact designs with bold, engaging colours and content created a tool that allows VicHealth to ask young Victorians to have their say.  Survey tools allow VicHealth to ask the right questions and get answers directly from their users, creating a deeper understanding of what is required.


Delivered at speed

From idea to delivery, we worked with VicHealth using agile processes to define the requirements, ensure the solution is optimised for conversion and engagement and was ready for a large media and marketing campaign to promote the initiative.

VicHealth – Future Healthy
VicHealth – Future Healthy
VicHealth – Future Healthy

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