Marketing, NFTs and the Metaverse

Welcome to 2022!

With all the talk of crypto, NFTs and the meta … verse, I wanted to share a recap of a few articles and the relevance they hold.


Marketing, NFTs and the Metaverse

If you are not a crypto billionaire (I mean seriously, what have you been doing until now?), its ok there is still hope, with an early contender for buzzword of the year 2022 – NFT.

While it is very cool to own a bored ape and then be part of some yacht club, what opportunities does this present for the work that we do.


Should marketers be using NFTs (And, what are they?)

The article referenced below gives a clear and concise explanation of what an NFT is and an example of usage, but the part that I (and hopefully) you are interested in, is the usage for marketers.

The usual suspects, Coke and McDonald’s have taken the leap into digitise collectibles (Happy Meal anyone?) and are really looking at how NFTs can create new (or extend traditional) revenue streams.

It is new territory, the upside is huge, and there are even opportunities to revisit some of your previous successes but now in a more (?) digital format.


But what about the Metaverse?

“The merging of the physical and digital worlds holds endless possibilities.”

The article in AdWeek (referenced below) states, the Metaverse is the “once every decade (think radio, then TV, then internet and then social media)” concept that will transform the marketing industry.


But why all the fuss? If you need more reasons than “merging the best of the physical and digital worlds to impact the way people work, play, learn, socialise, shop and generally communicate” there are a few more reason listed below:

  • Consumers crave experiences
  • Entire customer journeys can happen within the metaverse
  • Involves the consumer to “co-create” user-generated content

So, how can you use NFTs and the metaverse as part of your digital strategy?




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