Is the process always the right process?

There are natural and proven steps to achieve the outcomes expected for business and user goals when developing a digital project. But, is the ‘process’ always the right method or technique to achieve results with considerations to scope and budget?

Sure, teams and clients need to collaborate to define project goals and outline requirements. There are crucial key activities like requirement gathering, however not every project needs a broad base of market research or an understanding or every persona (to achieve user-centric solutions).

Proto-personas and ideation of user tasks can easily be identified and outlined to get stakeholder feedback with necessary revisions before undertaking design.

NOW Digital maintains a retained library of proven component libraries and design patterns to hit the ground running and get to market, whether through full methodology or an agile MVP process.

The discovery and design process will allow us identify technology and platform selection which helps in setting realistic expectations and managing budget constraints. While some clients may have flexible budgets and prioritise quality and innovation, others may have strict budget limitations and prioritise cost-effectiveness and quick delivery.

The key and ultimate answer is effective communications and collaboration ensuring objectives are met to agreed budget and timeline.

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