The modern consumer: Embracing the demands of a new user

Empowered by tech, informed by culture, and flooded with choices, the modern consumer reigns supreme in today’s ever-shifting marketplace.

Demanding personalisation

Consumers are bored with one-size-fits-all delivery and seek a frictionless journey across devices and platforms, expecting AI-powered recommendations, customised interfaces and tailored experiences.

Prioritising privacy

Privacy concerns, especially the ever-growing risks involved in data breaches are creating more discerning consumers. Empowering users with greater control over their data and choosing options which prioritise transparent and ethical data use and high levels of security is a must. Users are looking toward decentralised solutions.

Going green

Sustainability has become a significant buying factor. Consumers are looking, more than ever, to reduce their impact on the environment when engaging with content and products. Companies are leveraging green UX optimising to address sustainability concerns.


In the midst of cost-of-living crisis, Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) is fading and consumers are turning to products which offer long term value for minimal cost. Price-conscious users are showing a preference towards subscription based services.

Social media fatigue

‘Traditional’ social media platforms are facing increasing scrutiny for issues such as misinformation and privacy concerns. While this is a medium which is, and will be, widely used; users are beginning to explore alternative forms of communication, looking a micro-communities and niche social media platforms which allow for more meaningful online interactions and content consumption.

No longer marionettes of marketing hype, modern consumers possess the power and informed and empowered choice. They demand personalised paths, respect for their data and products which tread lightly on the planet. Seeking experiences that work to enrich, not just entertain; connections which spark, not just scroll. Those who work to satisfy these desires, and not just trends, will hold the key to success in the consumer revolution.

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